Terms & Conditions

1. Subscription Plan Details:

By subscribing to the Cloud POS System at www.selfcloudpos.com, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined herein. The subscription plan details, including pricing, billing frequency, and available features, are specified on the website.

2. Payment and Billing:

Subscription fees will be billed according to the selected plan and billing cycle. Payments are accepted via the payment methods listed on the website. Late payments may result in service interruption. Automatic renewal will occur unless canceled before the renewal date.

3. Service Description:

The Self Cloud POS System provides many more features. The specific services available under your subscription plan are detailed on the website. The features may vary based on the selected subscription tier.

4. User Responsibilities:

Users are responsible for accurate data entry, compliance with usage policies, and timely subscription payments. Any misuse or violation of terms may result in the termination of services.

5. Data Security and Privacy:

We are committed to securing and protecting user data. Details regarding data handling, storage, and security practices are outlined in our Privacy Policy, available on the website. We adhere to relevant privacy laws and regulations.

6. Intellectual Property:

The Self Cloud POS System and its associated intellectual property are owned by LinkLank IT Solutions. Users are granted a license to use the system under the terms of their subscription plan.

7. Support and Maintenance:

Subscribers are entitled to customer support during specified hours. Response times and issue resolution procedures are outlined on the website. Software updates and maintenance are included in the subscription plan.

8. Liability and Warranty:

LinkLank IT Solutions disclaims liability for any damages resulting from the use of the Self Cloud POS System. Warranties associated with the subscribed services are detailed on the website.

9. Termination and Refunds:

Either party may terminate the subscription under the conditions specified on the website. Refund policies, if applicable, are also outlined on the website.

10. Change of Terms:

LinkLank IT Solutions reserves the right to update or modify the terms and conditions. Subscribers will be notified of significant changes in advance.

11. Governing Law:

This agreement is governed by the laws of US Jurisdiction. Any disputes will be resolved in the courts of US Jurisdiction.